Highest Quality Tea Sachets

Our innovative pyramid sachets allow the loose tea leaves to fully unfurl, permitting water to circulate more freely around them. This ensures every intricate flavor and aroma locked within our high-quality tea leaves is unleashed, resulting in a brew that is both richer and more complex.

From calming Serenity Peach to invigorating Earl Grey, each flavor awaits its moment to blossom in your cup, providing you a tea experience that is as visually beautiful as it is flavorful. This is the Arbata promise - the ultimate union of taste, aroma, and beauty.

Arbata Serenity Peach Tea Sachets

Serenity Peach

Delectable peach tea with hints of floral and citrus notes.

  • Herbal Blend
  • Antioxidant Rich
  • Caffeine Free
Arbata Cloud and Mist Tea Sachets

Cloud and Mist

Delicate green tea with a smooth and mild finish.

  • Green Tea
  • Grown at High Altitude
  • Low Caffeine
Arbata Chai Tea Sachets


Warm and spicy chai tea that soothes the soul.

  • Black Tea Chai
  • Warm and Spicy
  • Medium Caffeine
Arbata Lemon Mint Tea Sachets

Lemon Mint

Refreshing mint green tea with lemon undertones.

  • Green Tea Herbal Blend
  • Refreshing Flavor
  • Low Caffeine
Arbata English Breakfast Tea Sachets

English Breakfast

Definitive English favorite made from 100% black tea.

  • Black Tea
  • Classic Flavor
  • Medium-High Caffeine
Arbata Imperial Mint Tea Sachets

Imperial Mint

Fresh and uplifting caffeine-free mint tea blend.

  • Herbal Blend
  • Refreshing Mint
  • Caffeine Free
Arbata Earl Grey Tea Sachets

Earl Grey

Classic Earl Grey flavor with the finest bergamot and lavender.

  • Black Tea Blend
  • Bergamot Infused
  • Medium Caffeine

"Tea is more than an idealization of the form of drinking, it is a religion of the art of life."

- Kakuzō Okakura, The Book of Tea

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